Voices of East Pokot Mini Documentary

After a bunch of trips to East Pokot with some friends, a video camera, multiple car issues, a flash flood, a race with a wild ostrich and, most importantly, lots of community dialogue we finally have a short documentary to share with you. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed the process of making it! This film would not have been possible without our incredible Aussie friends, Aaron and Lisa!

Voices of East Pokot video

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3 thoughts on “Voices of East Pokot Mini Documentary

  1. Reblogged this on HumanKind and commented:
    Let the voices of East Pokot teach you about their amazing culture and community through this local project. For those who are interested in development, education, gender equality and marginalized communities.

  2. What an amazing video and a beautiful community you are trying to impact in a positive way. I hope that you are able to make the changes you desire. You’re certainly on the right track. Much love to you, Kathleen and Glenn. ❤

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